Small businesses can be affected by cyber attacks, breaches, and natural disasters just like large companies.

However, as much as 75 percent of small businesses don’t have a disaster plan in place. Moreover, more than half of these companies say that they would need three months to recover from a disaster due to loss of cash flow.

These numbers speak for themselves: without a disaster recovery plan, your small business is at risk — almost 40 percent of companies never reopen after such an event.

Create a plan

I can walk you through a few simple questions and then create a simple plan for your business that lets you know what exactly will happen if the worst were to happen.

Your plan will cover:

  • What critical data you have and where it is located. Plus a plan to make sure all that data is backed up in a secure location.
  • What critical systems you have (Telephones, email) and what you would do to keep operating if those systems were to go down for an extended period.
  • A plan to test your backups to ensure that when you need them they will be there.
  • A listing of all critical contacts and information.
    • Insurance
    • Software vendors
    • Software licensing
  • A simple step by step plan, of how EXACTLY you would recover from a disaster, and an estimate of how long that would take.
  • Recommendations on what further steps could be taken to improve the time or ease of recovery.

Let me help you sleep at night knowing your business is secure!

Starting at Just $500