What is Ransomeware?

Ransomeware is a computer virus, once it is on a computer it encrypts (scrambles) all the files on the computer. Then it demands a payment in order to get all your files back. It also tries to spread itself to every other computer on your network. These payments start at $300 but can be into the thousands depending on the version, that’s per computer.

Wont my antivirus protect me? Probably not!

According to recent studies on average only 60% of new viruses are detected by antivirus on the first day they are out.

For fast spreading viruses like you hear about on the news that detection rate is below 5%.

Those are pretty bad odds, chances are at some point you will get infected.

How can I protect myself then?

The only reliable way to protect yourself is to keep a safe backup of your data and files. 

Keeping that backup on a hard drive that is always connected to your computer, or sits next to your computer is basically no better than no backup at all because it is likely to be destroyed at the same time as your originals.

I can help you setup a safe, affordable, easy, and always up to date backup that can give you peace of mind that your information is safe no matter what happens.