For years Windows users have had drilled into their heads that when they buy a new computer they have to get anti-virus with it. That actually has not been true for several years now and here are some reasons why:

1 – it’s already included on your computer, for free.

If your computer is running Windows 8 or higher, or a mac from the last couple of years, it already comes with anti-virus on it. I will talk specifically about windows but most of this applies to mac as well. Windows has had anti virus built into it since windows 8, and it works basically as well as anything you would buy.

2 – Security Suites slow down your computer

The more check boxes you see on the box the more it will slow your computer down. Every additional thing that the anti-virus that you buy claims to protect the more resources it will use to run those checks and the slower it will make your computer. If you don’t need it don’t buy it, or at least disable it after you install it.

3 – Free isn’t always free

There is a saying “if you’re not paying for it; your the product”. If you use one of the free anti-virus products (avg, avast, etc) have you ever asked how it can be free? In most cases your information is being sold to advertisers. Now don’t freak out, they normally don’t know it’s “You”, but the history of sites you visit etc can be very profitable. This does not apply to the free versions that come as part of your operating system, those companies are making their money already and don’t have to sell your data.

4 – Any anti-virus doesn’t actually work very well

Most current anti-virus programs will only catch about 20% of new viruses. There are over 200,000 released each day so that’s not really unexpected. Your behaviour and the way you look after your computer has a much larger impact, I will write more about those behaviours later.

For now just take away that if you are buying a new computer you probably don’t need to buy the add on anti-virus, and if it comes with a “free demo” you may be better off to remove it.

As always if you would like help with any of these things, drop me a note and I would love to setup a time to help you out.


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