Wireless Issues

Slow Speed

Wireless is a shared connection, the speed on the side on the box is the speed one device would get under perfect conditions. The more devices you have connected the slower it will get. The farther away from the wireless base you get the slower the connection will run at to keep it working reliably. However all the devices on the wifi have to be connected at the same speed, so one device that has low signal will slow down all the other devices, even ones with perfect signal.

Poor Coverage

Wireless signals don’t like walls, or metal, or brick, okay really they don’t like anything that isn’t air. Most old wireless system also only support 3 different channels, so when you can see more than 3 wireless networks come up on your computer (from your neighbors house etc), they are interfering with your network. Also things like cordless phones, or even microwaves can interfere with your wireless.

Modern Wireless Solutions

I can help with all your wireless needs. Whether you need to fix the coverage in your home or cottage, connect your network between buildings, or give your employees fast reliable wireless coverage all though the office.